In 2006, Michael Sackett, co-founder and CEO of INSPIRE Music Service Hope (IMSH), was at an orphanage in Korea on tour with Brigham Young University’s Young Ambassadors. As he sat there, he held in his lap a super smiley, pig tailed, buck tooth girl – who wouldn’t stop biting him. In that moment, he realized how immensely blessed his life was. Here he sat with a girl who was dropped off on a doorstep at birth. She would never know her parents or experience a “normal” life like many of us have. It was at that moment he knew he needed to do more.

This experience, along with many others, helped Michael create the idea of INSPIRE. Five years later he decided to quit his job, and with the help of Kylee Shields, founded INSPIRE Music Service Hope (IMSH).

IMSH started out as a Chorus that shared musical programs throughout the East Valley. Shortly after that, a Youth Vocal Performance Company was added. Michael realized that there was a need for more professional quality performing arts opportunities, so he created INSPIRE Entertainment, a premier performing arts business whose mission is to mold and refine individuals to become their best selves through the performing arts.

In 2016, IMSH took students and families on its first International Service Tour to Bogota Colombia. This was an incredibly rewarding and eye opening experience for all who attended. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to share our talents with the world, and serve in a way we don’t often have the opportunity to do while in the comforts of our homes. Since then, IMSH has expanded their International Service Tours to the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Belize, and Fiji, with more tour locations planned for the future.

IMSH started their Scholarship Giving Fund in 2018 and has awarded more than $10,000 to over 30 students. These scholarships allow students with a financial need the opportunity to train in the performing arts and experience the benefits that brings.

There are so many noises that surround and distract us each day. They keep us from the most important things in life. We hope the programs at IMSH give people from all walks of life the ability to express themselves and find out the person they truly are. Music allows us to discover freedom, healing, joy, and happiness.

“Music is therapy. It is a communication far more powerful than words, far more immediate, far more efficient.”

We seek to lift hearts in the lives of all who interact with IMSH, both as a participant on one of our many tours, helping at our service projects, being a part of the music, and as a beneficiary of the many wonderful projects we do.

If you are interested in helping make a difference locally and/or globally with IMSH and would like to donate please click the donate button.