Participate on international service tours that will touch lives forever through music and service. These tours are family friendly, culturally immersive, and provide once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

Sing your way across Europe in concert halls and cathedrals. These tours will highlight the iconic cities, stunning landscapes, and beautiful cultures throughout the continent.

Discover the world of performing arts on tours where you will experience music, dance, and theater in an intimate and meaningful setting through workshops and live performances.


Each year we take groups of people of all ages on International Service & Concert Tours, as well as Experience Tours. Our tours aim to fulfill our mission of “lifting hearts and inspiring others through music, service and hope.” We take boxes of school supplies, health supplies, kids kits and distribute them to local schools, orphanages, and hospitals. We also perform service projects in conjunction with local nonprofits to help better the communities in the areas we visit. Performances and music exchanges are another aspect of our tours wherever we go.

Bogotá, Colombia

In 2016 INSPIRE embarked on our first International Service Tour with a group of 55 participants through the beautiful country of Colombia. We delivered 50 boxes of supplies to schools and orphanages in need and performed throughout Bogota.

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

In 2017 supplies were delivered to schools in need in the Dominican Republic. INSPIRE partnered with The Starfish Foundation and was able to help paint a new home for a deserving family and deliver 150 food packs to a Haitian Village. 

Liberia, Costa Rica

In 2018 INSPIRE traveled to the beautiful and happy country of Costa Rica. Here we helped build a playground for a school in need, delivered supplies to a remote school in Liberia, and flew like superman across the jungle on Latin America’s longest zipline.

San Ignacio, Belize

In 2019 INSPIRE visited the small and colorful country of Belize. We helped build a playground in a rural village that had nothing but a large grassy field. The playground now serves as a center for fun and recreation. We also helped paint a school outside of Santa Elena.