Service Tour


Bogota, Colombia

Tour Date: July 9-16, 2022

Cost: $1995

Culturally Immersive

We are excited for you to  experience Bogota, Colombia! We will be mingling with the elderly at La Manuelita, the young at the CNG school, and the deaf at ICAL In addition to spending time with the locals you will try local dishes, such as Bandeja Paisa, Emenadas, and more. We will do a cultural exchange with dance and music–which Colombians LOVE! The

Adventure Seeking

Bogata is filled with excitement, curiosity, and adventure. Take a ride in the Funicular up to Mount Monserrate, check out the local Parques (parks), and if you dare, lick the salt walls at Zipaquira (Salt Caves). There is something for everyone in the family from shopping at the Andino Mall and El Baylay to the Usaquen Market (flea market).

Service Oriented

11% of Colombia is unemployed and 27% of people are living in poverty with 7.2 % living in extreme poverty. This places stress on families, the education system, and local communities.   You will have the opportunity to help improve the life of local Colombians in need as you serve the local schools & communities