INSPIRE wants to honor and always remember Emilie Lehr (1940 – 2020) with a special Performing Arts Scholarship. This scholarship will help carry on Emilie’s legacy of a deep love of music. Family was her ultimate love, and music was her passion. She played the piano, organ, accordion, French horn, and banjo! Throughout her life she found great joy in playing the piano and organ at church and singing in many church choirs. Emilie made sure her children and grandchildren grew up immersing themselves in music. Her taste in music was impeccable and diverse. She was a regular volunteer at INSPIRE events, and was truly inspired by the work and mission of her good friend, Michael Sackett, CEO of Inspire Entertainment & INSPIRE MSH, and his exceptional team.

INSPIRE Music Service Hope is honored to have Emilie Lehr as the Founder for our Legacy Scholarship program. Emilie was INSPIRE’s biggest fan! We believe she’ll get a “visitor’s pass” and take her front row seat at every show, cheering us on. Her love and legacy live in our hearts, and we look forward to seeing her love of music carried on for many generations to come through this special scholarship.

We invite you to help us pass down Emilie’s passion for music by donating generously to the Emilie Lehr Legacy Scholarship. We will send updates about the students you help support to everyone who donates to Emilie’s Scholarship Fund. We want to feel the love of music sparking joy and hope in others, just as Emilie infused her love and light into each of us.

We love Emilie. We miss her dearly, and we look forward to her spirit living on at INSPIRE.