11 Day Tour – Cost $2,995

Fiji has some of the most beautiful islands in the world! Breathtaking views, stunning scenery, and the kindest people on earth. Help us build new infrastructure for schools in need.


Culturally Immersive

Come experience Fiji from the inside out! We will travel to the tropics of Taveuni, Fiji, “The Garden Island”. There you will be welcomed into the Fijian family. You will try local dishes, explore island wonders, connect to the beautiful and friendly culture, serve the people, and share music and fun.

Adventure Seeking

Explore the tropical jungle and marvels of Fiji! Your exploration and fun will include an island snorkel tour to Rainbow Reef, hiking Lavena and Tavoro falls, and an expedition of Rabi and Kioa islands. Everyone in the family can join in the fun! Come share your talents or just sit back and enjoy the power of music and dance as we perform every chance we can!

Service Oriented

The poverty rate in Fiji is between 40%-50%, with a minimum wage of only $1.07 USD per hour. You can see how this can take its toll on families, the education system, and local communities. Many families do not have the means to provide basic needs for their children. You will have the opportunity to help improve the life of local Fijians.